Day Zero Awaits

Crosstown Rebels has this maturity—both in sound and culture—that makes it one of the gold standards of modern record labels. Its releases span what one could argue is the widest spectrum of diversity in any electronic music label, from the classical, nuanced mind of Mathew Jonson and masterpieces that sound like jazz techno, to the ethereally sexy productions of Fur Coat. Crosstown Rebels is in a league of its own with only a handful of other labels releasing masterpieces on par with the technical skill and nuance of classical music.

Day Zero, Crosstown Rebels’ Tulum festival, has brought techno lovers around the world together since its apocalyptic Mayan inception in 2012. This year’s lineup boasts some of the greatest modern minds in music. Damian Lazarus, master curator, is joined by geniuses Mathew Jonson, Dixon, Âme, Bedouin, Dinky, DJ Three, Lum, Metrika, Satori, and Serge Devant.


The jungles of Tulum provide the backdrop for what’s shaping up to be one of the best weekends for music of the entire year. But my words can only do the beauty of this gathering so much justice, so here’s a look at last year’s party:

Photography by Jack Pasco for Here & Now. For the rest of all your Day Zero needs, go here.

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