Dreams of Summer Fade

There’s something about how quickly summers seem to fly by. It feels like yesterday we were back on Governor’s Island for our last All Day I Dream, surrounded by beautiful people and a palpable sense of wisdom and maturity for a party in its sixth year. As bittersweet as it is to announce the close of their summer season with a final party returning to Governor’s Island on September 18th, our fond memories of their last event remind us that all good things must come to an end (even if it’s only until next summer).

Main staple Lee Burridge will be joined by Hoj and Lost Desert for this Summer Fades party, a spacious outdoor event nestled on the north end of the island facing Manhattan. Our experience with All Day I Dream events has been that of intimacy: a gorgeous organic stage built right up to the crowd, well-balanced sound, and an always-filled dance floor spilling out to a sandy backdrop giving you the freedom to move between the tent and the outdoors.

You can find more event information here. Photography by Razberry, Ariya Bejhat, and Misha Kutuzov.

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