The Great Awakenings

New York is one of those amazing cities that has the capacity to redact great claims. It humbles you. Just when you say Labor Day’s or New Year’s weekend has the best shows of the year, weekends like this come around and keep the bar clambering higher and higher. This weekend, of course, we’re talking about Awakenings.

The lineup brings the likes of Adam BeyerIda EngbergPan-PotNicole MoudaberVictor CalderoneJulia Govor, and Kamran Sadeghi to the Hammerstein Ballroom in a refreshing change of setting; this is the first major techno event in midtown Manhattan all year. As much as we love warehouse parties, we’re excited to see what Hammerstein has in store with its 75-foot ceilings and custom laser configurations. Bright lights and dark vibes are going to make this a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Awakenings NYC

Check in with Awakenings for tickets and show updates.

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