Eric Prydz On EPIC 4.0

Eric Prydz is the most prolific electronic music producer of our time. It doesn’t look like that will be changing anytime soon.

We have two massive announcements from The King himself today, encompassing the best of the personal and public Eric Prydz experiences. First and foremost, Eric will be releasing his debut artist album, aptly titled Opus, on February 5th. Eric takes time with his album and compilation releases—Eric Prydz Presents: Pryda is a masterpiece, and Pryda 10 is a compelling and dynamic new body of work that’s been tiding us over until this much-awaited album. Based on the quality and content of his tracks in the last six months, it’s clear that Pryda’s been hard at work in the studio and ready to make waves even bigger than he did with his first album.

In the live performance arena, the announcement of EPIC 4.0 coming to New York, LA, and San Francisco is groundbreaking. For those of us unlucky enough to miss EPIC 3.0 last year (but lucky enough to go to TomorrowWorld), these five shows, two nights in a row for both New York and LA, will be the annual reminder of what makes Eric Prydz so great.

Tickets for EPIC 4.0 go on sale this Friday.

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