Nero Circles Brooklyn

Nero has held a steady spot in our echelon of most impressive live performers, with performances like that of theirs at Coachella this year firmly planting them in a league of their own. Since the release of their latest album last month, Between II Worlds, Alana, Dan, and Joe have been making waves on their US tour, culminating in one of their most sought-after shows tonight in Brooklyn. This warehouse set is slated to restore the well-needed dubstep and drum and bass satisfaction in Brooklyn—after huge releases like “Circles” and their recent BBC Essential Mix, Nero’s on track to deliver a set tonight by the likes of which we haven’t seen in years.

That’s just the beginning (or, we should say, the ending). Chris Lake will be opening tonight, joining from his own North America tour and bringing the tech house vibes he’s proven so well to curate. His newest track, “Stranger,” is a good sneak peak at what’s to come. Let that and his tour mix set the pace for tonight.

Tickets and show information can be found here.


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