Gearing Up for Osheaga

Osheaga’s less than a month away. After four years of going to this incredible festival in Montreal—and attending many, many others—I’ve come to realize what makes its atmosphere and infrastructure so special: Osheaga combines the intimate feeling of a park festival with the maturity of a festival that brings in big headliners across all genres, all surrounded by the beautiful setting and relaxed atmosphere of Montreal. From what I’ve seen, Osheaga attracts the most chill yet mature people, not too unlike Montreal itself. If you digest your comparisons more easily through festival parallels, think of it like a more mature Gov Ball, with the strong, well-rounded acts and chill vibes of a festival like Coachella intersecting with a beautiful setting like that of Lollapalooza.

osheaga dancedeep 2

To all of our friends going to Osheaga this year: we’ll see you there. To those who have not yet been, this is one of the few mid-sized festivals that has the vibe of a small festival and the lineup of one twice its size. If you find the opportunity, you need to come check it out.

Surprisingly, Osheaga doesn’t have an active, central Facebook group yet (at least not with a community as vibrant as that of Tomorrowworld or EDC), so we made one. Feel free to join here.

Passes are still available, so get them while you can.

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