Beginnings with CarbonDouble

The future holds promise for Richard Harrison, aka CarbonDouble. At only sixteen years old, he is the youngest producer we’ve spoken with, but his passion for production and ability to harness inspiration from the likes of Madeon are at a level far beyond his years. This is Richard’s story.

Tell us about yourself. What makes you stand out?

My name is Richard Harrison. I’m from Lincolnshire, England. I have cerebral palsy, which is a neurological disorder and has certain effects on my body.
I’m not really sure yet if there is anything that makes me “stand out” per say—I have barely gotten myself noticed—although I’m just trying to buckle down and make good music that people will like. What could be simpler?

Why did you start DJing and producing?

It’s a bit cliché, but I’ve always loved electronic music and thirteen-year-old me wondered what went into it. I came across FL Studio when I was eleven but it wasn’t until two years after the fact I realized, “This! This was the program to make music on!” I thought, if people like Daft Punk and deadmau5 can make music, why can’t I?

What software did you start out on?

I started on FL Studio 10 and I’m still using FL 12 to this day. I love the new redesign.

Take us through your creative process. Do you have any rituals?

I have no defined creative process, but since I’m always on the computer and if I’m listening to some new music, usually a wave of inspiration will hit me and I’ll want to make music in a certain genre or style. From there I try to take it wherever I feel like so I’m not just making a copy of a song, then it develops into something new I can call my own. Although one thing I have noticed is that I almost exclusively start with two things: drums and then chords.

What’s your favorite sample pack? Do you synthesize your own sounds?

I just use whatever samples I feel like, although the only sample pack I’ve ever bought was one called Metamorphis. Lots of glitchy drums and choir samples.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

Madeon. I love his new album, Adventure. Throughout all of his songs you can tell there is a lot of love and thought put into the music he makes.
SeamlessR for his amazing tutorials, and KOAN Sound. If you don’t know why, listen to their new album Forgotten Myths. Thank me later.

What have been your top three musical accomplishments?

  1. Selling one of my songs for £8! My first (and only) profit.
  2. Getting this very interview because I’d rather just make music for fun than do it to promote myself.
  3. Finishing my first complete track that sounded in line with the other musical artists I have on my iPod. My first proper song I can sit and listen to and say, “wow, this isn’t horrible!”

What genres define you?

Drum and bass and electro house. Whatever I’m making, it normally comes back to 128 bpm.

What are your favorite plugins to use?

Imageline Harmor, Native Instruments Massive, and Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra.

You can keep up with CarbonDouble here.

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