DanceDeep Does Coachella

Do you know what draws me to Coachella? It’s the kind of festival where Nero follows Steely Dan.

The eclectic nature of Coachella, both on and off the stage, is one of its biggest draws. At this point in my festival career, I feel like I’m most drawn to Coachella because it’s uncharted territory; it’s one of the few big North American music festivals I haven’t been to. That changes tomorrow.

I feel like I should know what to expect, but it’s Coachella. There are always surprises. I’m prepared for the atmosphere and the infrastructure—Gov Ball, Outsidelands, Bonnaroo, Osheaga, and similar festivals are starting to feel like home—but I haven’t had a full-fledged Southern California experience yet (despite identifying with the culture more so than any other in the country). This said, my expectations are high and my mind is open to experience what really happens at Coachella.

Coachella 2014 - Weekend 1

Coachella awaits us. I’ll be flying to Los Angeles from RDU tonight, then spending the weekend bringing you, the DanceDeep family, coverage and artist interviews every day.

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