DanceDeep Does Buku

I’ve found myself in New Orleans for the second time in the last month—after having never been anywhere near Louisiana in my whole life—to keep the party going. First stop was Mardi Gras, and round two is Buku. I just spent the morning making friends in line at the media tent, exploring the soon-to-be-filled festival grounds, and getting an outrageously good weiner from Dat Dog (it’s in a fairly secret location, explore by the warehouse and you might find it). The heavy rain from this week has made things wet and muddy, but a little bit of that never killed anybody.

I’ll be in the crowd for Boyfriend, Claude VonStroke, Zomboy, Thomas Jack, Empire of the Sun, and Die Antwoord for sure. The rest is going with the flow of the Bukrewe.

Signing off with some Empire love:

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