Prydz Generates Austin Love

I travelled to Texas for the first time last weekend to see the king himself, and I was blown away in every capacity. Austin itself is an incredible city; the intersection of creative individuality, a unique art scene, a strong college culture, and an open street connecting all the best venues made for an experience that opened my eyes to the beauty of a smaller city. Eric played at Vulcan, an intimate club on the heart of 6th Street with great sound and a beautiful two-story layout leading up to a rooftop terrace. Vulcan is the only club in Texas that has the Funktion One sound system; although the sweet spot for audio on the dance floor is pretty small, it’s a beauty to hear in person. And, as expected, Prydz delivered with his techno and progressive house.


Eric Prydz DanceDeep Mashup

The kind of energy that Prydz generates in an extended club set is darkly ethereal. Tracks like Origins and Layers create a pulsating vibe that connects the crowd in a mature way—mature both in their experience and appreciation for more technical progressive house and techno. There are few artists that can bring people together with very few lyrics. Eric Prydz is one of those artists. It’s always a pleasure to experience Prydz in the club setting, especially on an amazing tour like this with sets nearly three hours long. I can empathize with the frustrated sentiment of only having an hour and a half at festivals; having a full three hours creates musical journeys, the live equivalent of journey’s like Prydz’ and Olander’s January Essential Mix.

If you want to explore more of Prydz’ arsenal, here are some of the tracks ID’d from his set

  • Pryda – Origins
  • Tonja Holma – Trippleton
  • Pryda – Viro (Intro Edit)
  • Pryda – Mija
  • Pryda – Warfield (ID)
  • Cirez D – Shrine (ID)
  • Cirez D – Tyve
  • Pryda – Sunburst
  • Pryda – Layers
  • Cirez D – Tajlis Funk (Gatecrasher ID)
  • Pryda – Fabric Test
  • Pryda – Powerdrive
  • Pryda – Clapham
  • Pryda – Rush
  • The Drill – The Drill (Eric Prydz Remix)
  • Eric Prydz – Generate (2015 Tour Version)
  • Cirez D – Paradiso (ID)
  • Cirez D – Exit (ID)
  • Eric Prydz – MK (ID)
  • Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz 2013 Edit)
  • Eric Prydz – Everyday
  • CHVRCHES – Tether (Eric Prydz Official Remix)

And if you haven’t seen the mesmerizing new video for Eric’s remix of Tether, here it is in all its glory.

Photography by Rukes.

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